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YakAttack NITEStripe Install By Mike Guyer

12 Dec
This weekend, I took the virgin Wilderness Systems Ride 135 to Farmville, Virginia, to the International Headquarters of YakAttack. Luther and I installed a ton of products, to include 4″ and 8″ versions of GearTrac. MightyMounts were installed utilizing the soon-to-be-available Fullback backing plate and Rigging Bullets. These items allowed me to remotely put a backing plate on the underside of a MightyMount where I was not able to reach it by hand. The video documenting that install is up on YouTube on the YakAttack channel. I’ll showcase those mounts and all of the various products that utilize them in coming installments.
I mounted a few 90 degree flush mount rod holders while there, as well as installing the first few pieces of  Silent Traction Systems 
For starters, a completely blank canvas, except for the KBF-green nerf paddle holder ball.

Even in my backyard, I always wear my PFD!

YakAttack will soon be offering the NITEStripe reflective tape kit again. It is vital that you can be seen at night, but for those who take night photos, you don’t want to “white out” your photos. Here, you can see in the first photo how close the orange pinstripe matches the color of the hull. You could just as easily choose a contrasting color, but I wanted to go sorta stealth here.
Well, stealth until some boater hits me with a light and says “Whoa – There’s a kayak there, and look at all the fish that guy’s got!”