Help Us Pick The YakAttack Sprout Contest Winner

2 Dec

We need your help in deciding who will win the YakAttack Sprout contest.  The contestants which submitted their DIY projects using YakAttack components will be evaluated out of 100% on the basis of the following categories:

Category 1:  Best Overall Design (33%)

Category 2:  Best Instructions (33%)

Category 3:  Best Utilization of the YakAttack Kit provided to each contestant (34%) decided by YakAttack Prostaff.


Vote on Category #1:


Vote on Category #2:

Category #3:

Will be decided by YakAttack’s Prostaff and the results will be posted on the YakAttack forum 


Want to look over the entries?  Check them all out here:

Kayak Leaning Post

Crate Holder by Joseph Ocampo

Outriggers by Justin Mayer

Paddle Stagger by Don Theoret

Kickstand by Rodney Miles

Jump Seat by Ryan Wood

Combo DIY Panfish/Transducer mount by Joel Warren

YakBak by Mark Nelson

Poling Bar by J Tesch


One Response to “Help Us Pick The YakAttack Sprout Contest Winner”

  1. Paula Garbach December 21, 2011 at 10:03 am #

    Great job Joseph! I’m impressed.

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