YakAttack Sprout Contest: Poling Bar by J Tesch

29 Nov
After much back and forth, decided to apply the KISS principle which is Keep It Simple Stupid.  What I wanted for my Pro Angler was a bar so when I was standing, I could have rod holder handy and clip for home-made pole.  Could use to lean slightly against but not main reason for.  This build is simple and cost effective.  Can be made to fit almost any kayak.  When used the new mighty mount slide could adjust back and forth depending on needs.  Use of union allows for easy removal.  In addition, might mount can be used for other accessories.2 – ¾” x 5’ long Schedule 40 PVC Pipe                                          $1.98/ea

2 – ¾” Schedule 40 PVC 90 Elbow                                                 $0.26/ea

2 – ¾” Schedule 40 PVC Union                                                       $3.74/ea

2 – Mighty Mounts

  1. Cut two (2) 1 inch long pieces from the 3’ pipe
  2. Insert the 1 inch pieces into one end of union
  3. Insert Mighty Mount  rubber insert into each pipe end
  4. Cut two (2) ¾” PVC pipe length as desired (For me on Pro Angler was 20” for cross bar to be above knee)
  5. Insert  pipes into other end of union
  6. On each end place 90 elbow
  7. Mount Might Mount on front area on kayak (On Pro Angler this was half way on mounting board)
  8. Determine width for bar measuring between tow 90 elbows (On Pro Angler this was roughly 29 inches)
  9. Push pieces together
  1. Options
  • Rod holder(s)
  • Poling clip
  • Camera mounts
  • Etc


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