YakAttack Sprout Contest: Paddle Stagger by Don Theoret

29 Nov
PVC Paddle Stager build
Seeing the need for a place to set my paddle down other than on my lap while fishing, I designed a set of (2) PVC paddle stagers incorporating parts from YakAttack’s new Sprout kit. These U-shaped stagers are connected to each side of the kayak and designed to secure your paddle while casting, retrieving or fighting a fish.
  1. Start by sourcing (4) 3/4” 90deg PVC elbows, (2) 3/4” “T” fittings and a couple feet of 3/4” PVC conduit.
  2. Shorten one side of each of the 90deg elbows by approx. 1/2” using a dremel tool or similar. Shorten both opposite ends of each “T” fitting as well. This modification is done to ensure you end up with the smallest U-shape stager possible.
  3. Using your dremel tool or a hack saw, cut the following lengths from your piece of 3/4” PVC conduit – 1.5”, 3/4” (x2), and 3” (x2). These will be used to connect the 90deg pieces to the “T” fitting and the uprights as well as the stem piece that connects the U-shape to the Mighty Mount adapter base.
  4. Brush on PVC adhesive, and insert the lengths of PVC into the appropriate fittings. To accomplish this correctly, build it first without glue and then remove-glue-reinstall each piece and let the stager sit flat on your table or bench to ensure everything is lined up well while the adhesive is setting. The Mighty Mount adapter must be secured via a rivet or stainless screw.
  5. Cut (4) 2.25” lengths of PVA foam tubing for each upright to act as a sound dampner when placing your paddle into the stager.
  6. Insert your t-bolt into the Mighty Mount Adapter and connect to the Mighty Mount and catch ’em up!
Price list:
3/4” 90deg PVC elbows @ 89¢ each (x4)
3/4” “T” fittings @ 89¢ each (x2)
10′ piece of 3/4” PVC @ $5.00
PVC glue @ $3.99
Total = $14.33

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