YakAttack Sprout Contest: Jump Seat by Ryan Wood

29 Nov

Do you have a young member of the family or a family friend who likes being on the water but may not be old enough or strong enough to paddle their own kayak?  Then try the new Yak-Attack jump seat mount. All you need is a drill, drill bits, Yak-Attack mighty-mount, swivel (disassembled), 4 washers, 2 wing-nuts (or nuts) and a backrest or seat.

1)      Position the Mighty Mount on the back of your kayak in a position that will accommodate the back rest. Keep in mind 2 people could be leaning back at the same time…

2)      I would also recommend facing the opening of the mount to the stern of the kayak for safety reasons.

3)      Next, insert the mighty bolt, washer, swivel, washer then wing-nut.

 4)      Once everything is tight, clip on the backrest or seat and hit the water!

Being that this is DIY, it’s not as clean as it could be if it were put into production. I would recommend the backrest over the spare seat since the rest will fit better; I used a Big Game because the seat fit. I wanted to use my Trident but the seat wouldn’t fit and for some reason I couldn’t find my backrest.

If the bolt was longer or if this black part were shorter, I could have used it and made everything look a little nicer. But the bolt didn’t stick through far enough.

Also it would be nice to create a swivel that will screw right on to the mighty bolt, but I couldn’t find one. The little J-hook on the swivel is nothing, I took the one off my punching bag so I could built this, it will be going back on my bag and I didn’t want to mess it up.

Money spent:

About $15 for a used backrest

About $10 for the swivel

The nuts and washers were around the house but they couldn’t be much more then $5, so you’re looking at about $30.


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