YakAttack Sprout Contest: Crate Holder by Joseph Ocampo

29 Nov

Start with some basic “Sprout” essentials.

First, Find some plexiglass from an old work station (as I did) or get some at Lowe’s.  I did a horrible job cutting it but it doesn’t matter.  The average crate is 12” square so I cut/hacked mine at approx 11.5” square.

For the crate I used my current set up and the bottom third of another similar crate.  This is where you can customize to your own needs.  I use the large plano boxes for my Mirro Lures quite a bit so I wanted some extra height on my design.

Lay your cut out plexiglass in the bottom of your crate and plot out a close to center spot where you would like to mount it to your Kayak.  Drill a hole that will accommodate the ¼” bolt that is used with the Sprout.

Now the scary part.  With the Sprout and plexi glass base in your crate, plot out where you want to install the Mighty Mount.  Before I drilled any holes, I took comfort in knowing that crates come in many different shapes and sizes and even if I made a mistake with the mount, I would be able to find a crate that would fit.  Fortunately, I got lucky and everything lined up quite nicely.

For less than $8, I picked up the following;

2 – ¼” x 2” Stainless Steel Bolts

2 – Nuts for the afore mentioned bolts

Some cheap chord / rope

¾” PCV pipe

2 stainless steel carabiners  (OK, I bought one and stole another off my keychain)

Here’s the fun part.  Depending on your own personal set up, cut the PVC to an appropriate length.  I cut mine to measure 11 ½”.  Put the PVC pipe over the Sprout and drill a ¼” hole through the pair.  Secure with one of the purchased bolts and nut.  Drill another hole at the other end of the pipe and secure the other nut and bolt.  Tie your rope / cord around the top bolt.

You’re now ready to put some pieces together.

It’s all making sense now isn’t it?   Decide which hand you usually reach back into your crate with and build the following accordingly.  Drill a few hole into the side of the crate and attach the lid with zip ties.  It is important to use several HIGH QUALITY ties.  This contraption is only as strong as its weakest link and the Dollar Store has no business here.

Thread the rope through the attached lid and with the lid fully open, attach one of the carabiners.  On the opposite side of the crate, attach the other carabiner through the crate.

When all is said and done, you should have successfully locked down your crate and secured its contents with a locked lid.  I should be easy to open and access when needed and easily closed and secured when on the move.

All secure!


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